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Yves Saint Laurent Y Le Parfum

Yves Saint Laurent Y Le Parfum


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whYnot? Why not listen to yourself? Why not embrace the elements that make you? WHY NOT discover the new Y fragrance Y Le Parfum by Yves Saint Laurent. Y LE PARFUM, absolutely intense, the new take on the iconic signature of the Y franchise. A seductive interpretation on the iconic Yves Saint Laurent white t-shirt and black jacket. Smooth elegance and raw power. A fragrance matching the vibrant lavender against the strength of black cedarwood, underscored by the deep, addictive beat of incense. A forceful olfactive statement. The absolute strength of a dark fougre, more intense, more powerful, more addictive than ever. A fragrance for the accomplished self-made man. Absolutely free-spirited. Intensely independent. Never afraid to experiment. Dare to say, Why not? Never stop believing. Y, masculinity redefined. A fresh & woody fragrance with notes of Apple, Sage, & Vetiver. The fragranc begins as a crunchy green apple accord reveals its intensely addictive note. The energy is boosted by an overdose of aldehydes giving an extra freshly effect, while the coolness of the incense accord runs through the scent. Crisp and minty, geranium extends the sparkling opening. Diva lavender heart and lavandin heart, both crafted especially for YSL Beaut to enhance the freshest, most seductive facets of the flowers. The mood gets darker, as another exclusive YSL ingredient, Cedarwood heart, takes over. This deep black cedar is fashioned through molecular distillation to bring out the warmer, more sensorial character of the wood. Indonesian patchouli and dark, olibanum essence, create a sensual dimension of Y LE PARFUM.