Hot Mess

Hot Mess Bath Bombs 200g

Hot Mess Bath Bombs 200g


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Handmade with love, care, and fresh skin lovin' ingredients! Be mindful we use Coconut Oil for some Bath Bombs and Almond Oil for others. If you have a nut allergy please consult with your healthcare professional prior to use.

How to use: Place into your Bath Tub as it's filling up, watch it fizz nourishing oils and Botanicals into your water, hop in and relax!

The Coco Rose. A combination of sweet Roses and creamy Coconut will leave you with silky smooth skin and a rosy aroma.

French Early Grey. This is the perfect winter go-to! A warm cozy soak with scents of Black Tea, Lavender and Bergamot, the French Earl Grey is a must try. Best enjoyed while relaxing with a good book and a fresh cup of tea (or coffee)!

Peppermint Candy Apple. Don’t take a bite out of this Candy Apple, but do use it in your Bath Tub! This combination of Peppermint and Candy Apple is amazing and sweet, fruity and fun.

Cherry Blossom. If Hot Mess Body could be turned into a Bath Bomb, this would be it! An explosion of pink contrasted with relaxing scents of Cherry Blossom; Super fun while taking some time for Self Care, and that’s what we’re all about.

Glitter Berry. This beauty will leave you smelling delish, packed with Raspberries, Vanilla and a little bit of glitter!

The Relaxer Bath Bomb. The perfect remedy for a long, busy day. We created this Bath Bomb using a gorgeous and natural blend of Lavender and Ylang Ylang Oils to create the ultimate relaxation experience.

- Juicy Watermelon. Enjoy some sweet Summer vibes with the Watermelon Bath Bomb. This fruity product is a great treat for your skin and will leave you smelling divine.

Mango & Papaya. If you want a Mango Smoothie in your bath, this is it! This Bath Bomb is super yummy and uplifting. It’ll remind you of summer days and the sweet scent of Papaya will leave your skin smelling delicious!

Dino Toy. Here to make bath time even more fun, the Dino Toy Bath Bomb. They’re scented in Grape Bubblegum and contain 1 of 8 different Dinos; collect them all! (Also to all the parents and caretakers out there, please don’t leave your young children alone. The toy is small and is a possible choking hazard for curious kiddos)

Coastal Breeze. Enjoy a fresh beach scent with our Coastal Breeze Bath Bomb. Super similar to men’s cologne, this luxurious product combines Blood Orange, Nutmeg and Clove for a luxe experience. This is a must-try!

Stress Less. We all need to take time for ourselves for some Self Care, and this Bath Bomb is a great way to do that. This calming blend of essential oils will have you drifting away into a world of relaxation in no time! The combination of Bergamot, Orange and Lavender smell botanical and zesty - the perfect stress less combo!

Feelin Fresh. Our Feelin' Fresh Bath Bomb was inspired by the love of freshly washed clothes - they always smell so good! So we have created a Bath Bomb that will smell like that same scent! A blend of Lemon, Lavender, Lime and Eucalyptus with a hint of Amber and Cedarwood!

Toasted Marshmallow. The Toasted Marshmallow is absolutely delish. A yummy combo of Musk and Vanilla, this Bath Bomb is definitely one to try out.

Zesty Rasberry. Now this is an amazing Bath Bomb. Our Zesty Raspberry uses Raspberry (no surprises there) with Lemon, Orange, Coconut and Vanilla to give you a sweet but zesty, tropical vibe. Plus the Purple colour that’s made while the water whirls together is stunning.

Blackberry Strawberry. We’ve got a berry special treat for your skin. The Blackberry Strawberry Bath Bomb! This indulgent product will leave you smelling delicious and give you glowing skin, a great treat for yourself.